Cardboard sign on The Promised Land sculpture in Portland, Oregon, reminding military personnel of their duty to follow The Constitution. (Ted Timmons)

8:46 to Portland: How Trump’s Brutal Western Ends

Chaos, cancel culture and secret police. The protesters arrive just in time.

Images from a worldwide protest movement. (The Atlantic)

The moment of silence

Donald Trump’s walk and photo op, St. John’s Church, June 1, 2020 (The White House)

The deafening silence

The silence of conformity

Two prominent US columnists, Andrew Sullivan and Bari Weiss, resigned over their objections to cancel culture (Trey Ratcliff / MSNBC)

This is how it begins

Federal agents in Portland, Oregon (Rian Dundon)
Ronald Reagan in Law and Order, 1953. Donald Trump in Law and Order, 2019 (The White House)
Protests against police violence, Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 26, 2020. (Fibonacci Blue)

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